Damian & Natalie’s dREAM day – Nissi Beach Hotel – 11/9/17

It was middle of 2016 when i received enquiry from Dear Natalie & Damian; felt so lucky that i had their wedding date available!!
My Grandfather had lost his sight when he was 72 years old and 23 years lived without sight until his 95 !! I visited my grandfather often, helped him to shave himself, made Cyprus coffees and drink together, listened his funny stories ( same stories mostly but his young and cheerful voice each time made me to listen his stories with interest and joy ….. !! I will cherish all those amazing memories forever !!
Damian due to an unlucky accident lost his sight a few years ago. I told Natalie the story of my grandfather and they both had decided to book me as their wedding photographer therefore i had the pleasure & honour to meet them in person and capture their wedding day story. This stunning couple’s dream day was fab with their lovely 3 Kids, family and friends, bus trip ( one of the most fun full wedding bus trip i ever been witnessed ), speeches and dances.

I thank them both for their trust, kindness, friendship and that cold Mohito especially which had quenched my thirst )))


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