Mike & Danielle’s dream day. Olympic Lagoon / Cyprus (21-5-15)

Back to May for this stunning couple’s dream day at lovely Olympic Lagoon resort; It was lovely being a part of this amazing wedding guys. Thank you so much Mike & Danielle.JPEG-12-2 JPEG-20-2 JPEG-26-2 JPEG-30-2 JPEG-40-2 JPEG-46-2 JPEG-76-2 JPEG-78-2 JPEG-89-2 JPEG-90-2 JPEG-95-2 JPEG-103-2 JPEG-105-2 JPEG-120-2 JPEG-124-2 JPEG-134-2 JPEG-139-2 JPEG-141-2 JPEG-153 JPEG-155-2 JPEG-160-2 JPEG-161-2 JPEG-170 JPEG-180 JPEG-185-2 JPEG-191-2 JPEG-192-2 JPEG-202 JPEG-204 JPEG-217-2 JPEG-219-2 JPEG-224-2 JPEG-247 JPEG-258 JPEG-266-2 JPEG-277-2 JPEG-298-2 JPEG-300-2 JPEG-329-2 JPEG-353-2 JPEG-357-2 JPEG-382-2 JPEG-402 JPEG-420-2 JPEG-427 JPEG-429 JPEG-433-2 JPEG-441-2 JPEG-445 JPEG-448 JPEG-454-2 JPEG-463 JPEG-468 JPEG-469 JPEG-478-2 JPEG-479-2 JPEG-490-2 JPEG-492-2 JPEG-495-2 JPEG-503-2 JPEG-550-2 JPEG-574-2 JPEG-599-2 JPEG-627-2

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