Nick & Nilay’s Dream day ( 2-7-2015 ) Olympic Lagoon / AyiaNapa.

We enjoyed so much being a part of their wedding day and capturing their amazing wedding day story ; They just didn’t want to leave their group on their actual wedding day for Location and sunset photography therefore we secured them another day, both sessions were amazing with them; here are some images from their Dream day & second day shooting. Loving what we do.JPEG-1 JPEG-2 JPEG-3 JPEG-4 JPEG-5 JPEG-6 JPEG-8 JPEG-10 JPEG-11 JPEG-12 JPEG-13 JPEG-15 JPEG-16 JPEG-18JPEG-19 JPEG-20 JPEG-21 JPEG-22 JPEG-23 JPEG-24 JPEG-25 JPEG-26 JPEG-27 JPEG-28 JPEG-29 JPEG-30JPEG-31 JPEG-32 JPEG-33 JPEG-34 JPEG-35 JPEG-36 JPEG-37 JPEG-38 JPEG-39 JPEG-40 JPEG-41 JPEG-42JPEG-43 JPEG-44 JPEG-45 JPEG-46 JPEG-47 JPEG-48 JPEG-49 JPEG-50 JPEG-51 JPEG-52 JPEG-53 JPEG-54JPEG-55 JPEG-56 JPEG-57 JPEG-58 JPEG-59 JPEG-60 JPEG-61 JPEG-62 JPEG-63 JPEG-64 JPEG-65 JPEG-66

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