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Damian & Natalie’s dREAM day – Nissi Beach Hotel – 11/9/17

It was middle of 2016 when i received enquiry from Dear Natalie & Damian; felt so lucky that i had their wedding date available!! My Grandfather had lost his sight when he was 72 years old and 23 years lived without sight until his 95 !! I visited my grandfather often, helped him to shave himself, made Cyprus coffees and drink together, listened his funny stories ( same stories mostly but his young and cheerful voice each time made me […]

Dan & Stacey’s dREAM day – 26/10/2016 – Nissi Beach hotel.

We are so happy to share with all of you this amazing wedding day story; Congrats to Dan & Stacey !! Thank you guys for your trust that chose me as your cyprus wedding photographer; so happy that i had chance to be part of your wonderful day; I was on my lucky day that the Horse has been very very Kind to me during the Location photography !!!! Let their wedding photographs to tell the story of their wedding […]

Gary & Caroline’s dREAM day – 6/10/2016

A couple with 4 sons and large family and friends; The wedding day was in a warm fantastic October day in Olympic Lagoon.  We enjoyed being part of this amazing couple’s wedding day so much; Despite there were laughter and fun all day long, during speeches even my self almost cried from pure emotions and loving remarks. Lets let the photographs to tell their wedding day story; wishing to Gary & Caroline a very Happy life together. warmly, Faik.