Dan & Stacey’s dREAM day – 26/10/2016 – Nissi Beach hotel.

We are so happy to share with all of you this amazing wedding day story; Congrats to Dan & Stacey !! Thank you guys for your trust that chose me as your cyprus wedding photographer; so happy that i had chance to be part of your wonderful day; I was on my lucky day that the Horse has been very very Kind to me during the Location photography !!!!

Let their wedding photographs to tell the story of their wedding day.

Warmly, FaikJPEG-1 JPEG-2 JPEG-3 JPEG-4 JPEG-5 JPEG-6 JPEG-7 JPEG-8 JPEG-9 JPEG-12 JPEG-14 JPEG-15 JPEG-18 JPEG-19 JPEG-20 JPEG-21 JPEG-23 JPEG-24 JPEG-25 JPEG-26 JPEG-27 JPEG-28 JPEG-31 JPEG-36 JPEG-37 JPEG-38 JPEG-39 JPEG-40 JPEG-41 JPEG-42 JPEG-43 JPEG-44 JPEG-45 JPEG-46 JPEG-47 JPEG-50 JPEG-51 JPEG-52 JPEG-54 JPEG-56 JPEG-57 JPEG-58 JPEG-65 JPEG-66 JPEG-67 JPEG-68 JPEG-69 JPEG-70 JPEG-71 JPEG-73 JPEG-74 JPEG-75 JPEG-76 JPEG-77 JPEG-78 JPEG-79 JPEG-100 JPEG-103 JPEG-104 JPEG-106 JPEG-108 JPEG-115 JPEG-116 JPEG-117 JPEG-118 JPEG-119 JPEG-135 JPEG-137 JPEG-139 JPEG-143 JPEG-149 JPEG-150 JPEG-155 JPEG-165 JPEG-167 JPEG-168 JPEG-169 JPEG-175 JPEG-177 JPEG-178 JPEG-179 JPEG-180 JPEG-181 JPEG-185 JPEG-190 JPEG-191 JPEG-192 JPEG-200

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  1. We feel very privileged to have our big day shared on your website. It was a truly magical day and Faik has captured it perfectly. You won’t be disappointed if you chose Faik as your wedding photographer, nothing was ever to much for him. He answered my hundreds of questions I had in the lead up, made us and our guests feel so special on the day and has continued to be our friends afterwards. He is much more than just photographer.

    • Thank you guys for such warm and kind remarks; It was so lovely to meet you both in person and capture your wonderful wedding day story; wishing you the best
      warmly, Faik

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