Gary & Caroline’s dREAM day – 6/10/2016

A couple with 4 sons and large family and friends; The wedding day was in a warm fantastic October day in Olympic Lagoon.  We enjoyed being part of this amazing couple’s wedding day so much; Despite there were laughter and fun all day long, during speeches even my self almost cried from pure emotions and loving remarks.

Lets let the photographs to tell their wedding day story; wishing to Gary & Caroline a very Happy life together.

warmly, Faik. JPEG-1 JPEG-2 JPEG-3 JPEG-4 JPEG-5 JPEG-6 JPEG-8 JPEG-10 JPEG-11 JPEG-15 JPEG-16 JPEG-17 JPEG-21 JPEG-22 JPEG-23 JPEG-25 JPEG-28 JPEG-29 JPEG-31 JPEG-32 JPEG-34 JPEG-35 JPEG-36 JPEG-37 JPEG-38 JPEG-40 JPEG-45 JPEG-46 JPEG-48 JPEG-50 JPEG-51 JPEG-54 JPEG-57 JPEG-58 JPEG-59 JPEG-60 JPEG-61 JPEG-62 JPEG-63 JPEG-64 JPEG-65 JPEG-67 JPEG-76 JPEG-77 JPEG-78 JPEG-79 JPEG-81 JPEG-82 JPEG-83 JPEG-84 JPEG-85 JPEG-87 JPEG-90 JPEG-92 JPEG-96 JPEG-97 JPEG-99 JPEG-100 JPEG-101 JPEG-102 JPEG-103 JPEG-108 JPEG-109 JPEG-124 JPEG-125 JPEG-127 JPEG-128 JPEG-129 JPEG-130 JPEG-131 JPEG-132 JPEG-133 JPEG-134 JPEG-135 JPEG-136 JPEG-137 JPEG-138 JPEG-139 JPEG-140 JPEG-141 JPEG-142 JPEG-144 JPEG-145 JPEG-147 JPEG-153 JPEG-154 JPEG-155 JPEG-156 JPEG-157 JPEG-158 JPEG-159 JPEG-160 JPEG-161 JPEG-162 JPEG-163 JPEG-164 JPEG-165 JPEG-166 JPEG-167 JPEG-168 JPEG-169 JPEG-170 JPEG-171 JPEG-172 JPEG-173 JPEG-174 JPEG-176 JPEG-177 JPEG-200

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