Mike & Flavia’s dREAM day – 27/8/2016 – Cape Greco – Cyprus.


When we had a pre wedding meeting in Cyprus to get to know each other in person and talk the wedding day details, I had in a short while understood that their wedding day story will be interesting and colourful to capture: A Cypriot and Brazilan’s wedding should have been really full of surprises, emotions and Dance !!; I was absolutely right!! After a few months they got married at Ayios Anargiri church at Cape Greco and had their wedding banquet at Grecian Park hotel / Ayia Napa. It was absolute pleasure to meet such wonderful couple and capturing their Cyprus wedding day story.

Cypriots love dancing a lot, so do Brazilians!!  They non stop had danced throughout the night: Latin, Cypriot tradition dances,modern..; I was myself dancing while shooting :)

Hope you enjoy viewing their dream day story images.

Warmly, Faik.

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