Richard & Joanna’s dREAM day – 29/7/2016 – G.Park – Ayia Napa

As Cyprus wedding photographer, i can say that in July, Cyprus is really hot; despite the heat it is so obvious that we all had fun and pleasure to be witness of this lovely couples wedding day( i meant actually their fairytale wedding ), therefore please do not worry about the heat so much if you have your wedding in Cyprus in July or August; it is perfectly manageable. The wedding couple, their 2 lovely Kids and whole group were simply amazing; so much laughter & fun throughout the day. I felt lucky that they had me as their wedding photographer capturing their Cyprus wedding day story. Hope you enjoy viewing their lovely wedding day story as well.JPEG-1 JPEG-2 JPEG-3 JPEG-4 JPEG-5 JPEG-8 JPEG-9 JPEG-10 JPEG-11 JPEG-12 JPEG-13 JPEG-15 JPEG-16 JPEG-17 JPEG-18 JPEG-19 JPEG-21 JPEG-22 JPEG-23 JPEG-24 JPEG-25 JPEG-26 JPEG-28 JPEG-29 JPEG-30 JPEG-32 JPEG-35 JPEG-36 JPEG-38 JPEG-39 JPEG-40 JPEG-42 JPEG-43 JPEG-45 JPEG-46 JPEG-47 JPEG-50 JPEG-51 JPEG-52 JPEG-53 JPEG-54 JPEG-55 JPEG-56 JPEG-58 JPEG-59 JPEG-60 JPEG-62 JPEG-65 JPEG-66 JPEG-67 JPEG-68 JPEG-69 JPEG-72 JPEG-73 JPEG-77 JPEG-78 JPEG-79 JPEG-80 JPEG-81 JPEG-85 JPEG-86 JPEG-87 JPEG-89 JPEG-90 JPEG-91 JPEG-92 JPEG-96 JPEG-97 JPEG-110 JPEG-112 JPEG-113 JPEG-114 JPEG-115 JPEG-116 JPEG-120 JPEG-125 JPEG-126 JPEG-127 JPEG-129 JPEG-130 JPEG-131 JPEG-132 JPEG-133 JPEG-134 JPEG-135 JPEG-136 JPEG-137 JPEG-138 JPEG-139 JPEG-140 JPEG-141 JPEG-142 JPEG-143 JPEG-144 JPEG-145 JPEG-146 JPEG-147 JPEG-148 JPEG-149 JPEG-150 JPEG-152 JPEG-153 JPEG-154 JPEG-155 JPEG-156 JPEG-160

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  1. Thank you both so much Cahills for your very warm and kind remarks; was pleasure to meet with such amazing couple; enjoyed being part of your wedding day so much. Wishing you the best guys.
    Warmly, Faik

  2. Before arriving in Cyprus we had already viewed Faiks work and thought the images were excellent which is why we booked him. Having then met Faik, we realised we had made the right decision just on his lovely bubbly personality alone. On the day of our wedding Faik worked so hard, you just know he loves his job, his presence around guests made everyone feel so comfortable and his vision for taking so many wonderful and different photographs was outstanding. We really loved Faik being a part of our wedding day, nothing could have prepared us for the photographs we received once back home. They were incredible, we expected great images, but what we received were just fantastic, there were hundreds of natural images capturing moments of our special day which we would have not realised had happened. We loved the places Faik took us, the cliffs were some divers took part in our shots, icream van, love tree, bridge, the reception, ceremony, us all getting ready we can go on, top and bottom of this is, we can’t thank Faik enough for the incredible outstanding images he provided us which will stay with us forever. A genuine, nice, friendly, professional gentleman who we would recommend to anyone who wishes to have their photograph taken.
    Thank you Faik, your a true gent
    Best wishes Richard and Joanne. X

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