Scott & Naomi’s Dream day ( 19-9-2015 ) Anasa Hotel/Pafos

We had enjoyed being a part of this stunning couple’s wedding day; its obvious from the photographs that their wedding day was like a fairy tale; Thanks to great team of All brides on Board for such great decoration and organising the day perfectly; its pleasure each time to cooperate with them. Well, wedding dinner and first dance were on the beach; still remember the warmth of the sands and starry night. We share here their album images, also a few images which we added to support their wedding day story..We love wedding photography..Warmly, Faik

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  1. Awwwww wow, that’s amazing, we are so happy you were part of our special day! It was amazing and all your photos captured it perfectly! You are a fantastic photographer, we cannot express enough how happy we are with the magical pictures xx Thank you thank you thank you xxxx

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