Dave & Toni’s dREAM day – 12/5/16 – Ayia Napa

What a wonderful wedding day it was!! I enjoyed being part of it so much; during the wedding ceremony, especially vows exchanging time was so emotional that i almost cried !!. Such lovely & friendly couple, their families and friends. Their flower girl daughter had been so helpful all day and did everything perfectly to make her parents wedding day to be more wonderful; to capture her natural images on her parent’s big day was really pleasure . Thank you Toni & Dave for having me guys as your Cyprus wedding photographer to capture your fabulous wedding day story; It was lovely to meet you both in person. All the Best.. xx

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  1. Aww thank you Faik for your lovely kind words! We can’t thank you enough for making our day perfect and capturing such beautiful photos! We’re so glad we chose you Such a lovely , friendly and very professional gentleman , you truley are an amazing photographer! And made us feel very comfortable , all of our family said how fantastic you are and they love all of our photos! Thank you again , we will treasure those pictures and memories forever xx hope to meet you again in the future , all the best Toni, Dave and Layla xx Mr and Mrs Addesso-Arthur 2016

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